About us

All companies within the Baks Group have a strong relationship with the agro- and food industry

Baks is a family company that was founded in 1955 by A.J. Baks. In 1995 André and Wim Baks and Tonny Winkelhorst (son in law) took over the business. Since then the company has been growing significantly and has evolved into the company it is now. All Baks Group companies are modern and dynamic businesses that appreciate their customers, employees and the environment.

The Baks Group consists of six independent entities that focus on the agrobusiness and food industries for humans and animals. At this moment the Baks Group offers work to more than 150 people. The companies and their business activities are:

  • Baks Agri Foods – Trade in liquid diary (by-)products
  • Baks Borculo – Trade and transportation of fertilizer and other related products
  • Baks Grondverzet – Maintenance and construction of infrastructures and nature related projects
  • Baks Logistiek – Transportation of liquid foodstuffs and feed products
  • Baks Loonbedrijf – Agricultural service provider for farmers
  • TipTop – Car- and Truck cleaning


Core values

BAKS is more than just a family name, in Dutch our name is an acronym of our core values 

B Betrouwbaar (= reliable): We do as we say
A Accuraat (=accurate): We do as agreed
K Kwaliteit (=quality): We do which is best
S Service (=service): We do even more than that



The Baks Group is closely related to the agricultural and foodsector. Our company consists of nationally and internationally orientated businesses. The international businesses are: Baks Agri Foods (trade of liquid diary products) and Baks Logistics (Liquid logistics). The nationally orientated businesses: Baks Grondverzet, Baks Loonbedrijf, Baks Borculo and TipTop Car- and Truckcleaning. Read more about our rich history and the founding stories from our individual companies.

In 1955 A.J. Baks founded the company Baks. At the age of 26 his first business activity was a milk service. He transported milk from farmers in the neighborhood of Borculo to the local milk factory. Throughout the years more agricultural services were added to meet the wishes of his customers. His agricultural service company grew into a well-known professional business.

In 1960 the company took a big step forward with the takeover of competitor “Loonbedrijf Scholten” also located in Borculo. From that moment  Baks had his first two employees. In the mid-70s  Baks moved to one of its two current locations at the Wessel van Eijlllaan in Borculo. Here it was possible to expand the business with a maintenance shop and machine storage.

To expand its services the company started with fertilizer transportation in 1972. Under the name Baks Borculo fertilizer was transported from the livestock farmers in the middle of the Netherlands to big crop farmers in the north of the Netherlands. It was a breakthrough and totally new in this sector. With this activity Anton Baks became the founder of the current fertilizer distribution activities in the Netherlands.

Anton was keen on innovations. Another of his innovations was the import of liquid fertilizer injection machines. These tricycles were imported from America.

After the take-over of another competitor, “Loonbedrijf Molendijk”, in 1994 the turnover increased rapidly.

1995 was the year for Anton to retire. His sons Wim and André and his son-in-law Tonny  took over the business. Tonny became director of Baks, and under his supervision the company grew significantly.

In the same year Baks took an interest in Biomass Nederland. This company aimed at the production of renewable energy. The company started building a new production location at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. Baks became responsible for the transportation of raw materials (Bio products) to the production factory. Therefore Baks founded a new company named Baks Logistiek (Baks Logistics).

Baks Logistics grew even further after the takeover of logistics company Dwars Transport. Because of this takeover Baks became more active in the logistics of liquid foodstuffs and raw materials for the food and feed purposes.

At the start of 2000 all shares in Biomass Nederland BV were sold. A few month later a second location was bought at the Jonkerspad in Borculo. At this location Baks started building new facilities for Baks Logistics. Baks Logistics was able to increase its services and kept growing. They even established a truck garage, truck wash and tank cleaning facility. The tank cleaning facilities were carried out by a new company within the Baks Group: Cleaning Overberkel.

On January 2008 the trading activities of Baks Logistics were separated for an improved business focus. This new company was called Baks Agri Foods. After this separation Baks Agri Foods has been growing rapidly. In 2009 Baks Agri Foods expanded by opening its own tank storage. Baks Agri Foods is now capable of storing roughly 1.500 m3 of liquid dairy products.

Nowadays 150 people are employed by the companies within the Baks Group.